The Africa Centre for Social Change

The Africa Centre for Social Change has been established in Stellenbosch South Africa and in the United States as an independent Non-Profit Organization.

Our Mission

The Centre’s primary mission is to bring awareness, participation and solutions to communities in combating substance abuse by young adults, broadening HIV and AIDS education and prevention, expanding community dialogues on a range of civil issues such as environmental responsibility, enhancing awareness of women’s and children’s rights especially to the male population in rural and urban areas. The Africa Centre is committed and able to contribute to the development of human society.

Our professional team

Our highly professional team of academics, clinical and community partners, qualified and experienced facilitators, assist to build sustainable relationships with businesses, municipalities, schools (all educational institutions) to enhance economic and social progress for underprivileged communities and individuals, access to wellness resources and quality education for all who desire it, are our current goals. Directors Prof Jan du Toit ( and Obi Udeagbaja Dominic (+44 759 496 9528) have a superb history and extensive experience with management of HIV and AIDS in the Workplace, Community Interaction and excellence in academic and curriculum development on social issues.

Striving for excellence

As it strives for continued excellence and good practice, the Africa Centre for Social Change will strengthen and enhance the general awareness of human rights, environment and the well-being of all citizens of Africa and in globally emerging democracies. The Africa Centre for Social Change executes its process and outcome based activities (Educational theatre and Community dialogues) and academic programs (short courses) with keys to create paradigm shifts between community members and broad based role players within support structures of civil and public society with support from business and government.

About The Africa Centre for Social Change (ACSC)

ACSC was established under South African law in February 2013, as an independent non-profit organization associated with the Stellenbosch University Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences and its Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management (ACHAM).



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More About The Africa Centre for Social Change
The ACSC grew out of the evaluations, lessons learned and good practices emerging from the work of the ACHAM. Despite being the most successful Global Fund sub-recipient in South Africa, the ACHAM experience points out that to be sustainably successful with managing the HIV and AIDS pandemic, broader social change considerations must be given due attention. The ACSC is designed to give just this attention.

From Values to Objectives

The underlying core values of the ACSC represent the three pillars of the sustainable human rights based development approach: people, prosperity, planet. Taken together, these core values lead to a comprehensive social entrepreneurship approach to defining institutional objectives and intended results. Each shall be discussed in turn below:

  • People: social change takes as its starting point the basic human dignity of all people and respect for their human rights. Experience from ACHAM shows how pervasive the lack of respect for women and girls is in society. Gender and sexually related violence, rape, child marriage and an array of harmful traditional practices create social toxicities that not only confound HIV prevention efforts, they undermine the very regeneration of social values needed for harmony, stability, peace and prosperity.
  • Prosperity: as every younger generation struggles to find its place in society and make its mark on the world, it is confronted with numerous hurdles, which, if not taken successfully, render individuals unproductive and ultimately threaten the very fabric of society. Among the most severe are substance abuse, alcoholism, addictions and a lack of commitment to self-improvement through vocational and other education and training needed for the initiative to become successful parents and providers.
  • Planet: given that humanity only has one planet to live on, everything must be done to inculcate in every generation the understanding of how to preserve its physical and social integrity. Social change is needed to build enthusiasm for sustainable lifestyles, resilience against climatic volatility, and fundamental respect for human and community solidarity, such that societies are able to live within their energy, water and food security means while providing an antidote to extremism and terrorism.

The ACSC has a Vision encompassing an Africa social change agenda, such that: the dignity of all is respected, male and female, young and old, of whatever race, creed or religion; that every able-bodied person can maintain control of their own personal integrity and livelihood; and that all contribute to the sustainable safety and security of Africa, making Africa an example to the rest of the world.

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